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Better Deals on a Bad Credit Secured Loan

A bad credit situation is like a blot on a borrower’s credit report. The late payments or unwilling defaults were circumstantial, but now they are strafing your reputation as a borrower. Every time you visit a lender for some help, bad credit remarks raise their ugly head and you return empty handed. However, all is not lost for people with bad credit or ccj’s against them.

The lending market is fiercely competitive. In spite of having bad credit or a few ccj’s, you can still hope to find a bad credit secured loan, if you have something to offer as collateral. The key to getting such a loan is persistence. Don’t get disheartened if some lenders refuse you politely, offer lame excuses or worse show you the door. Since, it is you who is in need of the money, the efforts should be greater at your end. Shop around, meet every lender who suits your purpose, try harder and it won’t be long when you find the one who is willing. Things won’t be too tough as collateral is being offered.

Bad credit secured loans takes your home or any other property that you own as the collateral. In simple terms, it means that your property is pledged to the lender. He will give you the secured loan but will own the house or property until the loan is paid. Once you pay the installments completely you are again the legitimate owner of the property. If under any circumstances you default on payments, the lender can repossess your property. He is fully authorized by the credit agreement to sell the property and recover his amount.

There are some lenders who deal only with those persons who have a bad credit score. Lending to bad credit people is a lucrative business. Indeed, it is risky for the lenders since they are dealing with people who are already proclaimed defaulters but this gives them the opportunity to charge higher interest rates on their loans. Don’t expect a fair deal from every lender who specializes in bad credit secured loan. You must have heard the term “Loan Sharks”. Yes, they are real and swarm the lending market. Often, garbed as ‘most helpful lender’ and armed with the ‘most promising offers’ they wait for their prey - the people with poor credit scores. These scandalous lenders offer loans, which are glossy and attractive but have outrageously exploitative terms buried in fine print. So, if you are dealing with a lender who exclusively deals in bad credit loans, please be very careful and do so only after getting convincing references about the lender.

The process of applying for a bad credit secured loan is similar to other types of loan. Although, the loan is secured by your house or property, it doesn’t overlook the fact that you have a bad credit. Your credit report is the first thing any lender will go through. Expect a thorough credit check. Be ready with the details of your employment history, the income slips and details of your outstanding debts. The sooner you provide all the details, the faster will be the loan approval.

By taking a bad credit secured loan you have a chance to improve our credit situation. Don’t shy away from the truth, recognize the fact that you are solely responsible for your condition- whether it is for the better or for worse. It is true that some things are unavoidable; it is true that one cannot change the circumstances, but in any given situation you can take charge and adopt financial discipline. It will definitely improve your credit ratings and remove the blot of bad credit from your dossier.

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